Double rooms, each with private entrance and outside space, are spread out over a walled-in area of about 20 acres covered by cypress and olive trees, some over 500 years old. Dry-wall seating is provided throughout, to encourage walks and meditation. There is a large, private swimming pool tucked away in the olive grove. The rooms are all furnished and decorated individually to echo a familiar environment – in size, comfort and style. The space is geared for maximum relaxation and much-desired privacy.

Mosquito screens on all openings.
Mosquito repellent machine.
Air-conditioning units.
Good-sized refrigerator.
Hot water kettle.
Hair dryer.
Standard provision of soap, liquid soap, tissue paper, kitchen paper, napkins.
Plates, cutlery, mugs and wine glasses.

Daily cleaning and making of beds.
Linen is changed twice a week.

Reservation with a pet:

Your pets medical record booklet is required and pets need to be up to date on all of their vaccinations.

Pets need to have constant supervision from the owners .

Pets are not allowed on the furniture or on any of the soft furnishings.

No aggressive pets allowed, only ones who get on with other creatures and humans.

Water and food bowls can be provided on request.